Welcome – The Center

Welcome – The Center

This guy I knew might explain it this way …

  1. Someone without either a plan or clue is just lost
  2. Someone with a plan but without a clue can be dangerous
  3. Someone with a clue but without a plan sometimes is considered a genius (but often just as lost)
  4. Someone with a clue and a plan has options – to make a difference

The center page (you are here!) is where all the clue threads connect.  If you get lost following a thread, circle back to The Center and start a new path.

Each path from The Center is a thread of clues that helps to continuously create my plans.  If these inspire, anger or help you, use as you wish … **

  • Investing
  • Birds, trees, flowers and ecosystems
  • Hiking
  • Making Music
  • Media (books, music, podcasts, press, movies, etc … or, pop culture)




** I am currently investigating how to apply creative commons rights to all content here – more to follow