Walking up & down the butte

Unable to leave town, and wanting a new way of hiking the butte … up and down seemed like a good idea at the time – each ‘up’ was longer than the previous one. All in all, it was a … Read More

Conditioning on the Butte – 15m test

Sometimes, plans morph surprisingly with great results. I had intended, PLANNED, to take on a new hike this week on the north side of Willamette River valley … but for several reasons, decided to forgo driving more than 15 minutes … Read More

Without running water in US cities

A recent Statista infographic on access to running water used a report from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as source material. Over 500,000 people just in the top 50 cities are without running water … could not … Read More

Pear blossoms & tulips

Sometimes the object of the pic is all that is needed – and looking at it from a different angle than normal