Owls and a hawk

On recent Spencer’s Butte ramble (trip report), a couple of uncommon birds were encountered. First, Barred Owls were 2x encountered but only 1x seen. The photo take was trash and the pair would not sit still – so photos are … Read More

WAT – Early flowers

Walking around town on a sunny chilly February day with the first flowers showing and patio furniture being cleaned and set out … Yellows Blue, purple and pink Red

A bit more on electric grid

First, why all of a sudden posts on electric grid? Just because of recent Texas crisis? No … the electric grid is a complex problem and will be a gating factor for two critical strategic vectors: electric vehicles and renewable, … Read More

New Category: Electric Grid

A decent article posted today about the condition and design of US electric grid. The story is complex and one that is a HUGE risk for our citizens as we have learned in Texas. This is the regional design and … Read More

New Category: Uncommon birds

February 10 – walking around the Meadowlark Marsh Note: Photo source below = Cornell Lab as the camera remained home out of the rain Northern Harrier: Observed mature male hunting over marsh land; white splash at base of tail and … Read More

Children starving in US

The ever stimulating Dr H put out a post today on Children Starving in US. He quickly compares the conversation to going to the dentist or talking to your doctor about embarrassing symptoms (or things you want to avoid) … … Read More

Prepare for changes here …

Editorial note: Once again, Plans and Clues is going thru a redesign as I better match my interests, time and energy with the cost of posting information. – trying to maximize the time spent doing and reading things rather than … Read More

Bead currency in CA 2,000 years ago

A recent study by UCSB professor Lynn Gamble indicates that native americans (first citizens) were using bead currency as long as 2,000 years ago, and maybe longer. Summary quote: “Gamble’s research not only resets the origins of money in the … Read More