On Thursday, i increased my UMPQ  position by 50%.  My original position cost basis is just below $13.25, and the new position is at $16.70 … new cost basis = $14.26.  The dividend yield on the full lot is now 4.49%. UMPQ is just a good solid customer oriented bank and local within NW.  I also opened an account last year to make sure the customer experience was not other people’s opinion.

This purchase is also a good example of how my portfolio strategy and radar method can be flexibile.  UMPQ originally (and still does) held only a #2 radar position – a long term holding that will be sold only if value exceeds rationality.  However, the new purchase is a #3 radar position as a special situation where the stock price did not reflect current value (in my opinion).  This recent +50% position may be sold at a 10-15% capital gain depending on a mix of company and market analysis.  The same company works in two different radar positions but each lot is managed differently with specific critieria (buy more / sell).  I limit my universe of analysis by using the same company for different objectives, taking advantage of what the market gives me … gaining some efficiency?

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