Sunday Reads & Weekly Commentary – 4-30-17

Commentary -> I did follow thru and removed a bit of INTC from taxable account and sold the remaning CAH.  I also took profits on the UMPQ trade position that i took – gross return was ~7% for a <30 day hold; this could be a repeating pattern between $16 and 18.  As much as i wanted to take a couple of new positions (expanding current ones too); the prices just did not hit my trigger target so i held off … of interest right now:  T, VZ, VNQ, O, FPI, and TSCO (on the latter, i have yet to convine myself that a) rural US will avoid further declines and b) TSCO can hold sales against the others, e.g., WMT, AMZN, HD …  i am also watching ETFs carrying China, India and other emerging markets.  I have yet to find the best way to invest there.

Watching ahead next week … mostly irrational moves and reactions to macro and political perceptions.  One observation is that since the US election, the market has reacted to perceived / anticipated events more than to fundamental facts.  I will stay focused on the facts, and react when others ignore them and create opportunities.


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