Sunday Reads May 14, 2017

  • Sometimes good old fashioned common sense can be the best financial analysis one reads.  This one is very solid  I quickly reviewed my larger portfolio, and of the retail companies there are only 3:  TJX, KR, and a very small DSW – discounter, shoes and food are probably less impacted by what is described here at a company level, but will certainly be impacted by market value perception.  Very much also like taking on to the logistic thesis in the article, and will include IOT and Security as more and more logistics are digitally monitored end-to-end.
  • Not quite sure how to internalize this one, but certainly food for thought … the ETF liquidity problem is something i need to figure out as i was just about ready to open new position in LQD
  • Some thoughts (in a very long article) on India …the demographic narrative of age and income growth is consistent with my perspective, but i have not found (yet) the right instrument for investment.
  • Clear view of market segment earnings projections after Q1 releases and analyst updates – these 4 industries idenitifed with the least downward revisions fit my top narratives as well – finance, technology, industrial and health

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