DSW Store Visit

On Saturday, my wife and i went to our local DSW for a pair of treadmill shoes for her.  25% discount on selected Nike shoes.  The store was more crowded than i was anticipating.  Selection was decent in the Nike womens, and with teh 25% discount, prices were good.  Most of the shoppers were women, and ranged across most age buckets (from observational point of view).  The counter staff were friendly but the energy was low.  The ‘behind’ the counter decorations were a bit cheezy with poor tape job holding them up.  For me, it was a positive experience and helped confirm that DSW merits more attention.  The one key element i need to fully understand is their digital strategy … the details of what, how and when.  That element could make all the difference on the company value (quality of execution and their plan).

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