Sunday Reads – June 3, 2017

  • First of all … credit to Jeff Miller WTWA Sunday post
  • Blackrock posted an interesting update and here is a take-away i found interesting
    • “Bottom line: Trump trades have been dented, but we expect reflation trades – negative for government bonds, positive for cyclically geared assets – to resume in an environment of US growth slightly above trend, which we see at around 2%.”
    • On wage growth (bold is my add), “Wage growth stalling here would suggest a structural shift making this cycle truly distinct from all the others in the post-war period. We have a hard time seeing why this would be the case but see two potential factors. Poor productivity growth could offset the labour market’s recovery, keeping wage growth tepid. Technology’s displacement of workers may be having a broader impact.”
  • The refutation of bad data usage … looking at graphs without understanding the data is hazardous to your financial health.  this is good example
  • Jeff’s weekly scorecard (look at 10yr yield this week)
  • Farming report from Goldman Sachs … this fits into a couple of my narratives (IOT and land scarcity). – this a thick report and requires more than a 1x read.

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