Weekly Reads, Reviews and Comments – July 30, 2017


I am fairly comfortable with my current holdings.  I have >15% cash in taxable, and plenty of dry powder in nontaxble accounts as well.  I will continue to look for opportunitistic profit taking in the Radar Position 2 companies, and writing covered calls for some others.  Over the next few weeks, i think the 10yr Treasury is the key indicator and it will be watched carefully … i read somewhere this weekend that 2.4% on 10yr is a critical point.  that is about the point where i am willing to take positions in the 7-10yr durations – investment grade muni and corp (not sure about treasuries).

For new positions or building existing ones, the favorites remain (pending logical entry points):  STAG, QTS, MSFT, SWKS, CSCO and APPL.  Of all these, MSFT is probably my favorite.  Shorts being considered though too early on all 3 right now:  THO, NFLX and NVDA.

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