Weekly Update- Aug 13, 2017


  • Open question:  Is it time to adjust annual return expectations for the next couple of years to <5%?  – i have a fairly low risk master portfolio and pegged returns on average to ~5% including dividends.  Upside surprises are nice, but is it time to even plan for worse (at least one major scenario)?
  • Two small portfolio adjustments this past week:  a) purchased another slice of LTC after the price declined nearly 10% on the week (this is a really well run organization and my position is in IRA.  i will build it further as price passes rationality)  The news of the week seemed to be one tennant of LTC being in default with a maximum 5% bottomline hit.  Lower price exceeded the mark imho.  b) i exited out of OHI in my taxable account.  I did not want losing position there as it was a temporary park for dividend and possible appreciation.  OHI still has several tennant issues to work thru as well as the larger macro confusion on fedral healthcare policy.  I have not decided if i will build out position in IRA.

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