Small Trades

Two small trades surfaced this week … one i like and the other is like playing 1 hand of 21.  PEGI is the former and FIT is the latter.

  • PEGI announced that the recent natural disasters would impact their demand but committed to keeping distributions as promised.  The market dumped the stock as if this was some kind of BIG surprise.  Really? … i grabbed a bit in IRA as this is one of my favorite sustainable energy income plays (HASI and BEP the others with positions in both).  If i hold this for longer term, no big deal; if i earn 3-5% in intermediate term, i’ll take it.
  • FIT is just one of those things … Iconic may / may not be the fitness watch to win, but there are just too many people running around w/ Fitbit devices and they built a new R&D center in Romania – i know some of the SW team and they are top-notch … i’ll put 100 share investment bet on that SW team!

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