Weekly Update, Oct 1, 2017

Commentary, maybe’s and decisions

  • personal sentiment is flat to down on US equities
  • took positions in the following:  PEGI (IRA), Kroger 3.7% 8/1/2017 @ $98.96, yield to maturity of 3.805 (taxable), IEMG and EFV ((401k)
  • targeting to reduce or eliminate positions in the following:  CLX, TJX and perhaps UMPQ
  • careful toe-dipping in emerging market / asia equities
  • additional corp 10yr bonds >4.25% yield to call / maturity
  • stocks wanted at lower entry points:  CY, MSFT
  • analysis unclear – cyber security and CPU producers (is it finally time to completely give up on INTC?) – these will be part of the IOT narrative update expected later in Oct

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