More Q3 Quarterly 2017 Reviews

Last night i read thru 3 earnings conference call transcripts:  HASI, FIT and BEP

  • HASI … debt strategy and their willingness to take on that strategy was positive and well articulated.  No change to my positions (mid-point positions in both taxable and non-taxed portfolios) … will, however, add to positions if entry point lowers
  • FIT … seemed to me there was a bunch of hand waving (old corporate saying for we do not have much positive news to talk about so we’ll wave our hands enough to distract everybody) … the one key thing that surfaced in their prepared remarks was alarming (but maybe this was a transcription error)
    • “G&A spend increased 48% year-over-year to $35 million. Research and development spend was up 1% year-over-year to $71 million, and sales and marketing declined 4% year-over-year to $74 million” …
    • they are spending more on Sales / Marketing than R&D? … way, way, way bizarre imho
    • I have VERY small position in FIT and will exit if price hits $5.50 with a 10% loss
  • BEP … this one is getting way interesting and another executive team that seems like they really know what they are talking about and how to talk to investors.  I will be looking to add to this position in non-taxed account as entry point opportunities surface

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