DR H is at it again


and he has my attention …. quote:  “Because it sows the seeds of its own demise by effectively ensuring that the next crisis is larger than the last.”

…”That might seem far-fetched now, but don’t let the paradox be lost on you here. Central banks are trying to create inflation. The gamble is that when it finally comes calling, it doesn’t spin out of control.”

the key variable it seems to me and i have seen this elsewhere (of course i cannot find the specific pointers) is the labor force … if the influx of global labor (China and EM over the last couple of decades) inverts and we no longer have a labor surplus … BAM!  inflation kicks in globally

While Dr H and others indicate that the Amazon deflationary forces are equally influential … i am skeptical (and Dr H compares Amazon and WalMart impacts)

I do not have specific actions today but WHEW i will be watching global labor and costs very carefully

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