EOY Portfolio Analysis #1

Over Thanksgiving holiday i start my “End of Year Portfolio Analysis” … it takes thru Christmas holiday to complete and then in January I write my annual report … that i send to my wife (my toughest customer).

This year, I am executing to an idea that i had about structuring and managing my portfolio as i would a business of the same size.  This means business segments (functional areas), strategic planning, operationalized objectives and analytics to monitor and adjust progress to those objectives.  While others may do this as a matter of basic business operations, it has taken me some time to get it straight in my brain.  My business operations skills and experiences within large technology organizations will be heavily drawn upon to make this work.

While i am working on this, my typical observations and sharing of others’ work will be a minimum.

In parallel, there are a few investment analysis deep dives in process that support my business cycle narratives:  a) healthcare REITs – when do i sell my OHI and where does that capital go? (e.g., HCN, REIT preferreds, 10yr bonds, etc); b) within the IOT ‘connectivity’ space which is the better long term play, SWKS or CY (or other); and c) where are the opportunities to watch for in financials and healthcare products / services (i recently commented in a SA post on CAH that this business seems to be undergoing a structural change ala Amazon and retail, yet many analysts are reviewing the opportunity from a cyclical lens – i think this distinction is paramount to identifying value and avoiding value-traps).


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