Weekly Update, February 4, 2018

Sure feels like my view of interest rates, inflation and income investments was hazy at best after this last couple of weeks.  But my fundamental view remains that the US economy at least does not have the demographic, political or economic ability to accelerate sustainable growth to the levels people fear, >2%.

Actions past and future

  • Reduced my LTC holdings at loss in non-taxed account and reinvested at better value in BEP
  • Tried to purchase Kaiser 10yr bonds, but seller would not meet my bid (that was NOT irrational)… seems that bond trader did not see materially lower rates … i will keep poking at 10 yr A rated or better … Apple, Berskhire, Kaiser, Kroger and Nordstrom with the latter two being lower quality have been pick ups in last few months
  • Reduced PFE due to stop loss (50% of my position)
  • Problem children:  PEGI and IOTS … as well as O (cannot decide what to do w/ it) … PEGI all hold unless really bad, IOTS is an add <$6.00
  • Canada Weed companies, Canopy and Aphria, are again getting interesting for speculative positions … i have sold all of mine but very small positions purchased with speculation cap gains

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