Weekly Update, February 11, 2018

Weekly Reads

Plans and last week’s actions

  • Buy More list (new positions would only be considered with abnormal spikes):  equity – PEGI, HCN, EFV, IOTS and CY; bonds – ~10 year Apple, Kaiser, Berkshire and Kroger (investment grade above A with the exception of predictable cash flow generator like Kroger)
  • Watch to sell for capital preservation:  PFE and VZ
  • Unable yet to decide needed actions if any:  VGIT and VCHS
  • Sales last week as part of either a) capital preservation or b) change horses
    • LTC, O and T – capital preservation
    • LTC (IRA) changed horses to HCN based on lower SNF exposure and broader segment diversification (not a growth story, but a share accumulation story via reinvested dividends)

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