Weekly Update, February 25, 2018

Weekly Update, February 25, 2018

Weekend Reads

Actions and Plans

  • Traded in and out of QTS with almost a $2/share profit – not ready to take position here but could take another look w/ >5% yield
  • Added to my HASI position below $18 (now my third largest individual holding)
  • Sold out of my very, very small CY trade @ $17 w/ cost basis of $14.55
  • Problem children really remain PEGI and HCN
    • HCN – have not decided if VTR is better for additional capital or add to HCN – decision WIP
    • PEGI – waiting for ER for additional data – PEGI is large position so adding to it will be an exception type decision
  • Bonds – watching for 3.7-4.2% yield in investment grade and in select market / industries … only fire-sales will be considered

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