Weekly Update, March 18, 2018

Random Reads

A bullet to itself … the risks presented here are making me start to lose sleep https://seekingalpha.com/article/4157393-fed-hike-set-collide-mccabe-firestorm-trying-week

Actions and Plans  

  • For the most part, i am still in capital preservation mode and anxiously waiting for the political fallout and FOMC update to see what new opportunities and risks will surface
  • I sold 2 of my 3 SPY June 242 puts … i sold right around $8.00 after buying at $6.09 … i will continue buying / selling SPY as a much easier income producing method than individual stock calls / puts.  (at least given current market behavior and my confidence)
  • Problem Children
    • PEGI – watching carefully – may still take some losses to offset gains elsewhere in taxable account
    • WELL –
  • New ideas
    • SQ – Square … what is not to love about this except the valuation – more diligence required here too
    • ETSY – here is a recent post https://seekingalpha.com/article/4157327-etsy-solid-growth-path
      • I have not done due diligence here yet but it is now on my list
      • I see two longer term drivers for ETSY business – a) gig generation is getting stronger and better at it, and b) if economy / jobs falter, more will resort to self-sufficiency, e.g., Etsy

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