Weekly Update, April 22, 2018

Weekly Reads  (a journal of my thinking and reading, not intended for investment advice)

Actions, Plans, & Analysis

  • General positioning:  a) resist buying dips without strategic confirmation of entry points (regardless if trade or investment), b) watch the earnings reactions for flashes of inefficiency (really low or high prices), c) preserve capital and d) build higher cash flow rates on invested capital
  • Stop-loss analysis -> i went thru all my equity positions and created detailed stop-loss targets to both preserve capital and lock in gains.  I am not planning on eliminating core holdings, e.g., INTC, CSCO, T, VZ, UMPQ … BUT, i may reduce positions
  • VTR – hit the stop loss mark and is now a 0 position
  • Problem Children
    • WELL 
      • positions are so negative that i am just going to claw my way up w/ DRIPs
    • LTC
      • a very small position but similar to WELL – relying on DRIPs to help, BUT due to my admiration of LTC management team (and value) i may double down here – in taxable account
  • Took profits in speculation trades this week:  CRON (my account) and ACBFF (daughter’s account) … will go back in at validated support levels
  • Favorite watch items for new positions unless adding:  SWKS, MDT, ETSY, TCEHY, PFE(adding)

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