Weekly Update, May 20, 2018

General Reads

Credit, Rates and Bonds

S&P and other equity

Jeff Miller’s WTWA https://seekingalpha.com/article/4175654-weighing-week-ahead-will-higher-interest-rates-lead-lower-stock-prices

  • From Doug Short – the weekly S&P view; look at the volume patterns at the bottom.  The greatest yield by far (from visual) is in the closing hour – does that closing hour direction set the ‘morrow, too?
  • Rail Traffic is usually interesting and this table is great … the key for me was the ‘accelerating’ labels  
    • Port traffic as well  – quote:  Port traffic improves on both imports and exports. Steven Hansen’s (GEI) analysis suggests that the implications are stronger for global economic growth than for the U.S.
  • Weekly indicators … seems quiet and stable other than the 10yr  
  • And the big indicators … the green trends are holding
  • Jeff points to this article as a ‘should read’ https://seekingalpha.com/article/4171190-want-see-bears-go-zoo
    • Stay calm, stay focused
    • I add – always understand the business (profit) motivations of the people sending you information – few are doing anything for your benefit alone

Actions and Analysis

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