The Goddess of Internet Business has Spoken

Mary Meeker has been the voice of internet business since i first read her in 2010/11 when i used to write speeches for technology VP … her 2017 review is posted now.

Here are my comments as i walk thru … bold are the most meaningful to me … it will take a couple more walk thrus

  • slide 9 — user growth will be HARD; ARPU will be the key metric driving service business (way more so than our recent love of ‘new users’)
  • slide 25 — Google hits 95% accuracy for voice — good progress, but the interaction requires much work imho, and i am VERY interested in voice input but just can’t deal w/ pushing buttons first … IA / machine learning is the backend (even if on device)and i think the interaction model is broken
  • slide 31 — well articulated paradox and the companies i think that will really build ARPU will be those companies who HELP their consumer / client through that paradox, and not, like the recent FB example, leave it up to users to figure out (or government agencies after sh*t hit fan)
  • slide 39 — what is it about US companies?  Where are the Chinese innovators? (not yet in MSCI – this could be a misleading data set)
  • slide 41 — WOW – can i infer that R&D leadership builds market leadership?
  • slide 49 — the digital retail journey; who can build that journey (w/ great UX) across different platforms? — that seems like a big win
  • slide 62 — Amazon is competing w/ Google for product searches … an interesting turn that i had not anticipated (though should have)
  • slide 71 — reminds me of the billboard promotions on busy highways, but the product purchasing rates are VERY high -> common marketing strategy:  go to where bunches of people are congregating and with clever means tell them what they need to buy (rinse and repeat)
  • slide 75 — this is a golden slide that prompts the following questions
    • what will be the next ‘platform’ for marketing / promotions after social media efficacy falls to too slim returns on investment (or cost)
    • what will be the impact to advertiser platforms, e.g., Google, FB, etc (their margins)
  • slide 76 — echos back to my first comment wrt ARPU and user acquisition costs
  • slide 82 — SPOT and subscriber growth; the next step is to transition this to profit or ARPU
  • slide 84 — you retail geeks (especially those w/out digital presence) should pay attention to this trend
  • slide 91 — Alibaba is a beast … i do not care what metric you use, Ali is just amazing
  • slide 94 — and if you think Ali is sitting in China rich and happy, … guess again
  • slide 103 — scary
  • slide 119 — ok all you MacMansion owners; time to get w/ the rest of the world
  • slide 136 — the unintended consequences of shifting the burden of healthcare spending – brilliantly stated here
  • slide 143 — hard to get head around this at any detail level; adoption rates are lightning fast
  • slide 163 — simply stated and so true – i am perfect example
  • slide 165 — this is where there is HUGE fear and as well opportunity (on demand labor unions so to speak – wage and benefit protection without losing the benefits of ‘on demand’)
  • slide 184 — cloud computing declining costs — the defacto standard for start ups and new businesses — cheaper costs, flexible, lower capital required
  • slide 191 — is there a silver lining of better customer service when business knows more about you? — seems so
  • slide 199 — AI for rent via AWS
  • slide 200 — the same from Google
  • slide 201 — look where CIO folks want to spend their money … networking equipment (assuming NFV and IaaS) was surprisingly high
  • slide 209 — USA data privacy laws written in 1974 – really?  do you remember what you were using / viewing / sharing in 1974?
  • slide 210 — china is serious about their intent to use data (it does not map well to our cultural norms and expectations) … this will in time will test our assumption that a ‘free’ society grows better / faster … i am buying more and more China company stocks, ETFs w/ China exposure, so i am not convinced that assumption is correct
  • slide 211 — Cisco’s comment should get your attention — cybersecurity is not just for money anymore; it’s war
  • slide 218 — the size of internet companies and their values are staggering
  • slide 223 — relate this back to slide 210 – the chinese people seem to be more willing to share their data too
  • slide 227 — college degrees in engineering degrees — in undergraduates USA trails signficantly, but then much of world comes to USA for grad school (if they can)
  • slide 243 — look at the growth in data use in China … WOW
  • slide 253 — the ecommerce growth rates of S Korea and China exceed the rest of the world … see my comment above wrt slide 210 – while not causally related there is a huge growth story here that will continue
  • slide 278 — USA, Inc.  A great section and worth the time to read thru

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