Weekly Update, June 2, 2018

Actions – Last Week’s Plans

  • RCI – Part of my Canada exercise – Telecoms:  TU (invest target), RCI (invest target), SJR (trade only)
    • Conclusion:  Watch – not buying at current levels; watch for prices below $45.00
    • Issues:  Low div rate & growth estimates; technicals do not support current entry point
    • Confounding:  x-Div = June 08
  • EIX
    • Exited a financial filter search in Utilities segment
    • Conclusion:  Avoid – not a viable investment
    • Financials pass my tests, but EIX fails on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) tests
      • >66% power generation is from Coal
      • Water, Air and Social issues add to the problems
  • No investments were added this week; though several short-term swing trades were initiated:  MWA(short), CY(short), SJR, HBAN, and TCEHY
    • Both MWA and CY trades were poorly executed on my part
    • An even worse trade w/ NWL resulted in small loss – key learning was to expand out technical analysis parameters to avoid daily interval bias

The Clues this Week

The Plans next Week

  • Continue Canada Telecom exercise – TU deep dive
  • HASI deep dive to agree / disagree w/ cautions raised above https://seekingalpha.com/article/4178273
  • Actions Set Up
    • Segment / Cycle correlation wrt Utilities … part of further deep dive into Utilities
  • Triggers to watch – nothing new

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