Weekly Investor Update, June 24, 2018

Actions – Last Week’s Plans

  • Specific Analysis Completed
    • TU – after completing a similar review of RCI, I was leaning toward TU as the better long position (Ring 1 Position).  What became clear is that the tools I was using so far were insufficient.  I am recycling through the methodology and will write it all down
    • CLDR – I know enough about this company to be wary, but do think they may have a decent story if they can break from Hadoop narrative – but this is trade for me at this point.  Others think differently 
    • Thought this was a good perspective on strategy and how one holds themselves accountable to that strategy – I am working to write mine all down (sigh)
  • Actions Taken
    • STM – lost position to stop-loss
    • CRON – sold 1/2 position
    • FIT – sold 2/3 Aug 7 puts (still hold balance and Aug 6 puts)
    • Opened trades:  INFY, TCEHY(long) and WEN (short)

The Clues this Week

  • Equity / Stocks
    • A leading indicator to watch?
      • Brian G with very sound advice about watching Q1’19 earning estimates and their revisions – I want to see the revenue estimates moreover
      • Lance R posted a similar story focusing eyes on Q1’19
    • Redfin is an interesting story — it could be part of a new narrative that I am working on wrt Millennial / Boomer demographic shifts.  This is not like the Dent story that I have received 5x daily, but an actionable line
      • This company, SBUX, may be on the other side of this narrative, depending on how aggressive they can move internationally (China and India).  I am skeptical of this author’s optimism.
  • General
    • Another attempt to identify and predict a leading indicator – while interesting from conceptual view, I do not find it fully actionable
      • Jeff Miller’s WTWA and my commentary
        • What a ride this week and not immediately clear what is the trend – other than react to the daily news
        • This point was subtle and probably overlooked due to the absence of any eye-popping visualization:  Quote:  “Leading economic indicators increased only 0.2% versus 0.4% last month and expectations of another 0.4% increase.”
        • Are student loans a canary or just one of those data sets people like to see as ‘powder keg’?  Read the post Jeff points to
        • Indicators are stable 

The Plans next Week

  • Nothing yet – re-planning the next 60-90 days

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