Owls and a butterfly

The other day while sitting inside hiding from intense heat, my wife called out that there was another squirrel in the cherry tree in our backyard.  Blasted squirrels, I thought … headed to the door and looked at the movement in the tree, and it was NOT a squirrel.

Two baby owls had parked themselves in our tree which is on the other side of our deck.  These pictures were taken from inside thru the glass door.

This one seemed very interested in where i was – standing right inside the door to our back deck

It either knew exactly where i was, or was fascinated by something near me … if looks could melt you away
but after this work, it just needed to just rest their eyes … so tired

Then the other day, I was hiking up in Sisters Wilderness, and i was ready to take a picture of this very beautiful wildflower, and I was surprised by a visitor

PS – none of the photos were altered; they are posted as they came from my Nikon Coolpix B700

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