South Sister Ramble

This week, I went up South Sister for the second time.  This time, I was much more prepared and thoroughly enjoyed the ramble … but was still tired by the end of the day.

On the way there, it was very cold (below 30 F), and the steam from the cascade lakes was amazing

Once up through the scrawny pine trees, the first plateau (alpine meadow) with a look down to Moraine Lake

Looking upward toward the top, here’s the path

On the second plateau, you can look back to Moraine Lake 

or over to another glacier melt lake.  I stopped here on the way back down as the breeze coming off the lake was very cold and refreshing after the ascent.

Then it is the last uphill section to the top

From the top … just look around, but be careful on the path (there are parts that carry risk)


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