5G – What is the risk?

This post starts a thread to be continued for 12-18 months along two vectors around the roll-out of 5G networks, technology and devices. I have moved my thinking from, “Is there a risk?” to “What is the risk?”

As with all posts, this is fully my opinions and not investment recommendations.

5G is a core theme of my investment portfolio looking out the next 5-10 years as the Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine Learning (ML) lead the next technology profit cycle. As deployment pilots start showing results and new products surface enabling innovative machine and human experiences, this area will be one vector to follow. Key will be how to better anticipate 5G investable companies beyond the infrastructure and base component segment already in my portfolio.

The second vector connects to the first as a systematic risk management thread around 5G safety. There is a strengthing risk element to 5G – the technology perhaps, but surely the public perception of that technology. I am seeing an increase in publications and posts focusing on the potential health risks of wide 5G infrastructure deployments. History is full of examples of technology assumed safe (or presented as safe) that later turned out to be deadly for both humans and the companies behind the technology (and their investors). What is the risk associated with 5G deployments for portfolio success, humanity and social justic, and how should it best be managed?

A noteable US Senator is pushing a FCC review and  seems like one important area to watch for additional clues. From a portfolio management risk perspective, either a factual support of or a public perception of dangerous technology creates material impact to portofolio assumptions and the probability of the latter risk seems to be increasing – a systematic review is required.

A couple of recent posts I found interesting

You can expect more on 5G as I keep digging for more clues

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