5G Upate Early April 2019

5G Upate Early April 2019

One of my followed authors on Seeking Alpha – Dividend Sleuth – published an article on telecom industry and through the comments he posted some links to my question about health risks.

Dividend Sleuth shared the following and i pass along without deep review – so some may / may not be helpful. – Below copied directly from our comments:

Simon Rockman’s September 2018 Forbes article, “Is 5G A CIA Plot?” (www.forbes.com/…)

Here’s a good November, 2018 Vox article by Julia Belluz about the mechanics of radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum: “A comprehensive guide to the messy, frustrating science of cellphones and health.” (www.vox.com/…)

A website about radiation health risks has an interesting article about 5G and home routers: “Why 5G Cell Towers are More Dangerous,” (www.radiationhealthrisks.com/…).

Finally, here’s an article by Michael Luciano at ECN: “Will 5G Affect Your Health? Maybe…But Probably Not.” (www.ecnmag.com/…)

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