I found this article a bit ago and it struck me pretty hard. I hear people often talking about carbon reduction through their advocacy and daily activities. But according to this author, reducing carbon output is necessary, but not sufficient. We need to figure out how to capture carbon out of the atmosphere and remove it, destroy it, or turn it into something benign. Nobody is really talking like this – is this a bridge too far or does this need to be included in any climate change discussion? the rest


Infographic: Plastic Recycling Still Has A Long Way To Go   | Statista

Thanks to the great folks at Statista for the data … this only goes back to 2015, and I imagine that the growth since then is above linear. their story is equally as good … what the blazes are YOU doing about it? Reducing your plastic usage, reusing the plastic you have …

Things to keep in mind when you cruse thru your favorite store:

  • Can i buy it without single use plastic?
  • Can i reuse that plastic if i buy it?
  • What are alternatives to plastic that i can use, buy, and share?
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I had not seen something like this before and found it pretty interesting – it’s mostly from a CO2 perspective and not detailed on heavy metals – another environmental cost to consider.

It’s hard to argue against more and more EV autos … but especially here in US – will people buy them without incentive with higher cost than combustion models?

This is worth poking at if you are interested in buying car the rest


Just finished reading this novel and found it a great story with some very nice turns of plot … As I find myself in the later part of life, there are some strong reminders in the story for me. As always personalizing the story … control and love and letting go for something grander than one dreams. I recommend the book.


A spoiler review

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