Post on 5G

Post on 5G

There was a post this week on Seeking Alpha on 5G technology, but it really came up short for me.

The post has some very good information for those of you who may not understand 5G technology and how it is different from 3/4 G. The author, then however, goes more into why Verizon (VZ) is an undervalued investment. As far as the post goes, the comments are probably worth more than the VZ content. There was a undeveloped recommendation to pay attention to other aspects beyond the towers (CCI in this case) and the carriers (VZ), but without sufficient information – hence why short for me.

I am starting to partition out the 5G businesses in an order of investments (and profits). My big buckets are in the order of profit hitting bottom line 1) Infrastructure equipment, 2) devices and their components, 3) services and 4) security (timing is hard on security) – i am NOT looking at applications at this point. In the referenced post, CCI is in infrastructure and VZ is services. I am long carriers to cover most global areas: T, VZ, CHL, TU and VOD; but those investments all yield (at entry prices) >5%, so i can afford to wait. The infrastructure is the first investment bucket to really dive into … i have just started.

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