A view of the 5G Economy – but a bit old (2017)

A view of the 5G Economy – but a bit old (2017)

I stumbled on an article from 2017 on 5G economy. I poked thru looking for insights into 5G value chain decomposition to help sequence up-coming investments.

I have already started a country (or region) coverage strategy focusing on US, China, UK and Canada. I was going to add another country and was looking at S. Korea, but this data suggests Japan the better target.

IHS did a great job then with use cases and specific industry impacts.

I am working on a value-chain guide to investment placements and timing, but will be a few weeks before ready. Key take-away from this IHS report is two-fold: a) pay attention to Japan and b) view opportunities with an industry overlay (like above table).

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