White Trash – The 400 Year Untold Story of Class in America is an important book in today’s environment. The book can be hard to read at times as it leans toward academic prose and style. The ideas and history are critical to learn nonetheless and I found it worth the effort required by the prose. For me, this was in the impact genre of Zinn’s A People’s History – though Trash is much narrower in scope.

Three things really strike me as i look back over my reading. 1. Colonization could have been as much about cultural cleansing (sending the undesirable as far away as possible) as it was about rape and pillage; 2.… Read the rest


My wife and I wanted a decent length hike without too much elevation gain on this sunny Father’s Day …

For you All Trails users, here is the link to the recording–15

All in all, this is a good hike on a sunny day when you do not want to work too hard at going up the mountain(s). This just wanders along the north bank of the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River just west of Oakridge. There are wonderful swimming pools (we did not try them) but they do not all have decent paths from the N side; but there is a road on the south side of the fork with ample opportunities to reach a good pool.… Read the rest


Looking at different new investments, an industrial REIT surfaced from my value screens … I am not a huge fan of economic cycle REITs at this point, but the valuation was interesting – MNR

I was primarily interested in a preferred stock MNR/PR/C. But … after looking at their financials and business model a bit closer, this graphic struck me

They have a sizable property distribution on the eastern US seaboard … if i am looking at a 10 yr investment, do i really want to purchase hard physical assets that are on the coast?… Read the rest


Washington Post published an article today about child labor in the cocoa farms of West Africa – CHILDREN. Consumers are responsible for supporting products and supply chains that do not / cannot promise conflict and child-labor free outputs.

Purposeful consumption – or responsible consumption – is a new priority for me. If you purchase the product you are responsible for the intended AND unintended consequence of that product’s full supply chain. Elective ignorance no longer removes culpability. You buy it, you’re responsible. We all need to consumer carefully … purposefully, responsibly.… Read the rest