Who’s FED?

Mr Duy’s points are all good and worth reading https://blogs.uoregon.edu/timduyfedwatch/2019/06/04/powell-tells-us-what-we-should-already-know/ … quote: “Bottom Line: The Fed stands ready to adjust policy as needed to respond to unexpected shocks; this is true even if the shocks emanate from the White House.

The Heisenberg Report has another good read on the topic https://heisenbergreport.com/2019/06/04/not-so-lonesome-doves/“Meanwhile, GOP lawmakers are pondering the possibility of trying to push through a veto-proof version of the bipartisan resolution nullifying Trump’s border emergency. Trump says that won’t happen. He’s probably right. Trump is also probably right to assume that eventually, the Fed will cut rates in order to ensure the trade war doesn’t completely derail the economy. At that point, assuming any easing is accompanied by more days like Tuesday, the president will feel like he has more scope to push his hardline trade agenda, which is increasingly inseparable from the rest of his agenda, whether it’s immigration or national security.”

Eric from EPB who has also had a good bead on rates over the last 12-18 months https://seekingalpha.com/article/4268161-weekly-dashboard-interest-rates-plunge … a snippet quote (disclosure -> you should read the full article) “For now, the outlook for economic growth remains one of deceleration in which lower interest rates over time are likely.”

My concern is that this action, if a rate cut, will prove difficult to discern if monetary, political or social engineering.

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