A good summary of recent financial news

I found this post a great summary of recent economic news. It puts things simply without trying to give condident advice. I just cannot receive advice (crystal ball crap) these days with how erratic events are unfolding …


Here was my comment to the post: “I thought this was a great summary – thank you. If I approach today’s equity markets from a purely risk management lens, and ask which direction is most probable (up / down), and what is the relative impact to equity values of those moves – my risk monitor is way tilted to downward moves, rather than risk of missing additional up-side. There are a multitude of scenarios that can play out over the next few months (after the last 8 weeks if anybody has a high confidence crystal ball – run away, fast!), but I firmly believe risk is concentrating on downward scenarios. Risk management is required today … on steroids.”

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