Better late than sorry – DBI (old DSW) Q1 Conf Call

Disclaimer: Not recommendation just an observation and opinion

I just finally read carefully the latest earnings conference call from DBI – i was really late as this sat in my inbox since May 30 – a month late. Between now an then, I doubled my position in DBI due to the price / valuation and X-div dates. My current long position is ~2% of my actively managed portfolio, and I am considering increasing that position.

The earnings call held a couple of nuggets: a) first q2 will not be a barn burning (a buying opportunity?) and q3 is seasonally strongest; b) management enthusiasm for their strategy was high and their opportunities / challenges were well explained; and c) analysts did not ask tough questions in the call – are they comfortable w/ management’s strategy and delivery, or have they just punted on anything / everything retail? Hard to sa

I will most likely not add to my position until q2 earnings are out to see the depth of analyst disappointment (or absence thereof)

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