I completed this hike meeting a good friend who was going around the Sisters’ loop. We met at PCT and I hiked out with him to his car and then to my car at Obsedian trailhead. This is an excellent Sisters Wilderness hike – not too hard and the views from the north side are fabulous.

Starting at the Scott trail there were these weird flowers that liked like something from Dr Seuss. (note: clicking on the images will open the original high-res media file)

They grow in patches with long stems

Before reaching the PCT, the views both north and south are fabulous

Looking south to N.… Read the rest


Update: I reflected on this post and find it overly filtered thru a win / lose lens, and there are other lens that can be used (like that fancy tool in the eye doctor’s office). There will be a second post shortly on same data but from a cooperative lens – Lens #2.

If you have confidence in your strategy and resources, then competing is best. It does not have to be a kill or be killed, but I think best to when all are focused on engagement and competition to derive the best outputs.… Read the rest


An odd view to a story of two towns (about 200k people together) unfolded this week. One town sits up-river from the other … both release their water treatment outputs to the river. There is a wonderful bike/walk trail all around the down-river side … and a wonderful beach where people come to play

This is down-river from BOTH treatment plants and is about 100 yards from the largest of the two treatment plants – probably the least safe water of the entire up-stream river to its source. But, this is where people want to come to play … odd… Read the rest


Not enough is being printed, said, discussed or integrated into public policy on the potentially unintended consequences of EV mobility. Bloomberg published an article last month on impact to Chile’s Atacama area.

With all innovation, it’s the unintended consequences that bit us in the rear … sadly.… Read the rest