A couple of resources on 5G

First from Statista, technical contributions … no surprise here on the total number. Unfortunately a breakdown on what part of the value chain, e.g., end point, transmission, management, etc, is not available (at least yet).

Infographic: Huawei is Leading the Race to Develop 5G | Statista

One of my followed authors on Seeking Alpha posted an interesting view on why US is behind in technology, leadership and deployments. Some of this is new to me, and I do not have additional sources to support the view published here. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4273134-5g-technology-ability-compete

Regardless, US is not leading, and the current political strategy (blacklisting and tariffs) are hard for me to paint a path of success. Seems like a collaborative effort with government investment in technology and deployments would have higher probability of success.

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