Compete or stifle competition? – Lens #1

Compete or stifle competition? – Lens #1

Update: I reflected on this post and find it overly filtered thru a win / lose lens, and there are other lens that can be used (like that fancy tool in the eye doctor’s office). There will be a second post shortly on same data but from a cooperative lens – Lens #2.

If you have confidence in your strategy and resources, then competing is best. It does not have to be a kill or be killed, but I think best to when all are focused on engagement and competition to derive the best outputs.

A recent view from Statista suggests that China is winning in the transition to renewable energy. I strongly believe that this will be a key predictor of the leader in the next 10-20 years.

Infographic: The State Of Global Renewable Energy Employment | Statista

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