Infographic: The Most Important Issues Facing The U.S. Today | Statista

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Number 1 is a double edge sword given all the rhetoric ink spilled on it; without it, growth slows to nearly 0 and a host of other unintended consequences financially … and that’s nothing compared to what it does to the richness of the American social fabric.

Number 2 is obvious, but I was surprise at how high it actually is … the times we live in are not normal.… Read the rest


We recently visited Crater Lake National Park with good friends and one of the things I learned (and should have known) is that we’ve been using the wrong geological name all this time … it’s not a crater, it’s a caldera. (or at least that’s what the Park Ranger told us). Over 7000 years ago, Mount Mazama changed dramatically. – note: there are links to slide shows on different topics – poke around.

This adventure was different from 2 years ago due to an absence of fires and this year taking a boat ride around the lake and spending several hours on Wizard Island.… Read the rest


Infographic: How Productive is an Hour of Work? | Statista

From those wonderful data dogs, Statista.

What is it about Ireland? They seem to be head/shoulders more productive than the rest … all those EU countries with better social services and progressive (per US standards) governments, seem to be doing better than USA.… Read the rest


If you missed the earlier post – Traveling to South Sister – check it out.

My 3rd hike up this hill in the last 4 years (last year’s), and sadly, this was the least enjoyable – not the mountain, the weather, my legs, my equipment, inadquate water, nor bad pictures. There were just too many people; i have never seen this many people on a Cascades hike in over 30 years of hiking.

The destination

I took the same route as before – straight up from Devil’s Lake with a full parking lot (and i hiked up the trail 1/4 mile and realized i left my forest pass in the ‘g)love box’ … so back to the car and repeat) … some views were the same as before, but the camera found different objects

the color of this lake blows me away – every time

Sadly, with all of the people, too many missed this sign … i even saw people with a dog swimming in one of those most precious and fragile lakes like above …

Once on the summit this year, i spent my time on the southeast side of the rim … the views were quite different from last year’s north side.… Read the rest


I planned my 3rd South Sisters hike in 4 years to catch the full moon setting on my way to the trailhead. Getting up in time to be on the road by 04:00 is not that tough, when you have this to look forward to seeing …

The next post will be from South Sister hike… Read the rest


Literally …

On a highly trafficed bike path along our city-splitting river, is a wonderful Osprey nest. This is the second year I have watched the cycle … and as of yesterday, this year’s little one was gone from the nest … but circling not far away.

End of the summer nest … and if you look down below, the area is scattered with white paste

A couple of weeks ago, the little one was exercising

Afterward, one of the parents dropped in for some coaching

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A recent post described a competitive lens on this data

Infographic: The State Of Global Renewable Energy Employment | Statista

The collaborative lens would ask …

  • what is China doing that the rest of us should copy?
  • what can we do to help others increase their renewable energy employment?
  • what are the constraints keeping employment less in some countries?
  • what are the strongest forces in all countries to grow employment in this field?

The gist of the discussion becomes how to increase EVERYBODY rather than find winners and losers. Learn and share to the benefit of all. … how strange, right?… Read the rest


In today’s climate crisis, defenders who put their lives and livelihoods on the line daily are being killed all over the world. A fair question to ask – of the top countries in the post below, how many are US allies? These are just the confirmed / reported deaths; it’s not too much of a jump to assume highly under reported.

Infographic: Where Activists Are Being Killed Around The World  | Statista
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