This is just crazy or stupid. I would advocate that even small business should be getting off Windows 7 as fast as possible. But it is good enough for US voting machines (a huge impact attack surface that we know is already week – voting machines), really? This just does not make sense and demonstrates incredibly poor planning for one of the most important activities in our democracy – voting.… Read the rest


Over the last couple of days, financial news headlines from mainline sources, especially Marketwatch, CNBC, and their peers, have chosen headlines that I see with strong bias toward painting events more negative, more bearish – interest rates and economic data.

An example from today was the jobless numbers this morning. The data was below the aggregate estimate, but MarketWatch headline was: “Jobless claims inch up in mid-september” … a true statement, but the probable audience reaction for the headline tilts negative, rather than “the number was better than anticipated” which would have been more positive.… Read the rest


Greenpeace was in Dakar recently and posted as they were exiting. A couple of items.

First, the preservation of the ocean around Dakar and neighbors is essential to the survival of almost everybody who lives in West Africa north of Liberia. From my experience there, without a plentiful fish harvest by local fishing, food will need to be either imported or provided by way more environmentally damaging proteins.

Second, one of their pics was just totally Dakar

Link to Greenpeace Africa the rest


Daily Skimm posted an article today that shows tribialism is alive and well across the globe in the guise of nationalism. I ask myself … is this just hate of others or fear? What is the root of that fear, if it is? Then I ask, what are we as gloabal citizens doing to help? Sigh … not much.

Quote below from daily email:

The Story

There is major tension between Africa’s two biggest economies.

And those would be…

Nigeria and South Africa. Earlier this week, people started mass rioting in places throughout South Africa, including Johannesburg and Pretoria.… Read the rest


Last year, i did a shorter version of this hike, but part of Yoran Lake trail was in poor condition and I stayed on PCT – this year, the trail has been updated some, so a great hike! All in all, a 18 mile hike with 2800 ft elevation gain – it’s mostly following PCT between 6500 and 7000 ft elevation.

For most of the hike, north / northeast of this

Past Yoran Lake trail on PCT, there is a side trail / spur you take up to this rock outcropping that pokes out like a stone thumb

I hiked up most of it with 3 other guys and 2 big dogs.… Read the rest