PCT & Yoran Lake Trail – again but better

Last year, i did a shorter version of this hike, but part of Yoran Lake trail was in poor condition and I stayed on PCT – this year, the trail has been updated some, so a great hike! All in all, a 18 mile hike with 2800 ft elevation gain – it’s mostly following PCT between 6500 and 7000 ft elevation.

For most of the hike, north / northeast of this

Past Yoran Lake trail on PCT, there is a side trail / spur you take up to this rock outcropping that pokes out like a stone thumb

I hiked up most of it with 3 other guys and 2 big dogs. I got to almost the top and decided that the risk of going further was too high – it was really steep and sliding rock and scree the last 200 yards or so. The guy w/ the dogs turned around with me as it was just too much risk for the dogs – i did not want to be caught below the dogs if they slipped. The dog guy was great about looking out for his dogs and left his friends … i met him later and he had a great time w/ the dogs in the lakes.

But the view from that stone thumb was tremendous

I traveled on south on PCT and had lunch at great spot beneath this

Looking out more north

And the little lakes (or Maine Ponds) are plentiful

There were just the right number of other hikers for a holiday weekend on PCT … all in all, it was a perfect hike for the last long pass-eleveation hike of the 2019 season. I also came up with my next season inspiration (later)!

Sometimes, things are just simply beautiful

here is the All Trails recording

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