EV & Heavy Metals

EV & Heavy Metals

I previously posted about EV heavy metal impacts with the intent of balancing out the ‘environmental costs’ of selecting an EV (which most people think is the less evil compared to combustion engine vechicles).

A post today has another angle on heavy metals in batteries – concentrated supplies in countries with their own issues. In this case, nikel and batteries and Indonesia. I am not looking at this as investment or trade (commodities are way beyond my comfort zone today), but as another clue in building a solid plan on EV investing (and perhaps my own purchase when trucks are available at value pricing).

Quote: “The country of Indonesia, which reportedly accounts for 27% of the world’s nickel supply, announced last week that it was accelerating its export ban for the metal. The original plan was to stop exporting nickel after 2021, but there were thoughts recently that the timeline would be moved up perhaps a year or so. Last week’s shocking news was that the ban would start after December 2019, partly an effort to stop the country’s rising government deficit. “


For Tesla stock investors, I think this is just one more big red flag waving in the wind.

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