5G End to End early tests

5G End to End early tests

NOK reported out today some preliminary end to end test results from Indonesia https://seekingalpha.com/pr/17660863-nokia-hutchison-3-complete-first-5g-end-end-live-network-trial-indonesia

This is interesting data and will be good to watch over time as independent 3rd parties and more extensive testing gets rolling in different countries / different networks.

QUOTE: “Multiple tests were conducted on the 28 GHz spectrum, obtaining the highest data download speeds of up to 1.62 Gbps with 11ms latency while upload speeds of 75.9 Mbps were measured. The trial also included a voice call test, which was initiated on the 5G trial network and realized over VoLTE (voice over existing LTE network) to demonstrate how basic telephony services would be handled in 5G. “

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