Ericsson’s earnings conf call – usage model spiral!

Ericsson’s earnings conf call – usage model spiral!

This week ERIC released quarterly earnings and held the requisite conference call. Mostly it was good news and the stock popped somewhat. I actually trimmed my position 50% with this move, as I believe lower entries will surface over next ~6 months.

With that said, however, there was a great line in the call that I am not sure people fully understand and it completely reminds me of Andy Grove’s insightful “Software Sprial” – basically the concept is that new technology surfaces new usages and those new usages continue to drive new technology – riding that sprial as INTC did with software and compute capabilities can make folks serious money. Usage models and use cases that were not before possible really drive the breakthroughs, not the technology itself (but that which it enables).

Quote (my bold emphasis):

“So the demand here is strong and when we look at early launch markets for 5G, we see a very sharp increase of data consumption among the 5G users, which indicate that 5G yet again shows that you will use your device in a different way, when you get a better service.

So if we look at — compare that for example to Europe, where we typically have weaker coverage or weaker networks as it’s more of an average compared to Northeast Asia and the U.S. And we see much lower data consumption as well. So I think the reality here is a better network drives new type of behaviors that actually also drives investment needs and drives our business. And that’s why it’s important I think that the operators also are able to charge a premium for 5G, because it will create new type of use cases.”

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