5G & Cell Tower REITs

5G & Cell Tower REITs

Hoya Capital posted a view on the big Cell Tower REITs. While their update is one of the best they’ve produced recently, I provided the following feedback.

@Hoya Capital Real Estate one of your better pieces imho. this is a complicated space and I would like to see a ‘usage’ view on the tower business contrasting 2 major usage models – a) consumer mobility (aka phones) and b) machine to machine communications. I believe that the latter in the 5G game will generate the majority of the data eventually (at least 5 years out). Have you all looked at that business driver vis-à-vis the tower REITs to determine if the usage models will change REIT pricing power?

I will update on their response if received. This is a very complicated space and investors are putting down big $ with little understanding. To follow up on my post yesterday … due diligence is required and can be hard work. Carry on!

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