Financial due diligence – reminder

Financial due diligence – reminder

A recent post at SA got me going … i own a small slice of this company and had missed this in my financial analysis due diligence. I made a mistake (was stupid), and now need to correct it. I will exit the postion quickly. Here is my comment to the author

Thank you for this analysis … I have a small portion of LAND and will discard quickly based on this as I had missed it. Seems way out of whack and with the games FPI management played back a bit, one would think the farm REITs would come to a ‘squeaky clean’ view. Not there.Also, I tried to reconcile this w/… … – no go even at the ‘roll up’ number unless the two sources are using different time periods (would be bizarre)Sad, as I too thought this was a plausible play on a real asset in limited supply … Good work on your part and reminder to all that financial due diligence takes effort.`

Hats off to the author for doing the needed grunt work, and ‘not to self’ do you due diligence better!

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