Where climate justice sometimes comes up short, economics closes the deal.

Quote: “Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC forecast that about 70,000 MW to as much as 190,000 MW of coal-fired generation is “economically at risk” from the deployment of a “second wave of renewables” in the U.S. under three of the more likely scenarios in a recent analysis. The research firm said these projections exclude about 24,000 MW of coal generation already set to shut down.

Driven by the surprisingly low cost of renewables, we believe that carbon-heavy utilities that have not historically led the pack in clean energy deployment will accelerate their earnings growth by pursuing a ‘virtuous cycle’: shutting down expensive coal plants and investing in cheap renewables,” Morgan Stanley analysts wrote in the Dec.Read the rest


Hoya Capital posted on SA today a very interesting piece. As having a bit of a view into one of the target age demographics highlighted, I immediately started poking thru their analysis and will continue to do so

Two key quotes – first on the demographics and second on market segments:

“While the “Boomer” generation seems to get all of the attention, the age cohort currently between 25 and 34 years old is significantly larger than the 10-year cohort preceding it, currently aged 35-44. Having entered the labor markets during a historically strong period of economic growth, this cohort is also in far better shape financially across most metrics than the preceding 10-year cohort.Read the rest


I practice taking bird pictures with the hummingbirds that visit the feeder on my deck – just water & sugar 4:1 ratio.

These pics were modified slightly with exposure, contrast and color, but no fillers, adds, effects, etc

Hard to tell if these are same, different or similar birds as the light / weather were not the same. These were all taken in the last month.… Read the rest


A good friend of mine shared a TED talk video with me from a person involved in “Dollar Street” … TED talks are hard for me especially when they have these great visuals (i easily forget to listen) … btw, my friend warned me that the site below can be addictive … WHEW!

But check out this site … it is one of the coolest things I have seen since an Intel Fellow (Ms G. Bell) showed a group of us all the different ways people use technology around the world (like 10 years ago).… Read the rest