FCC rules on 5G RF

FCC rules on 5G RF

Here is the SA post with a reference to WSJ – but you need a subscription, and I do not have one. So … here’s the FCC document

Here’s the quote from SA, quote:

“5G doesn’t pose new cellphone radiation threats, according to the FCC, which spent six years reviewing the issue and receiving public feedback. The regulator voted unanimously this week to keep in place standards for how much exposure to the radio-frequency energy cellphones and antennas emit is safe. The rules cover consumer devices, and the 5G infrastructure used on cell towers and rooftops, as the four major U.S. wireless carriers race to roll out the next-generation of wireless networks.”

Here’s an interesting quote from the FCC report – in the opening summary statements, quote (my bold):

“Specifically, we propose to formalize a an additional limit for localized RF exposure and the associated methodology for compliance for portable devices operating at high frequencies (gigahertz (GHz) frequencies). on top of our already existing limits that apply at these frequencies, and propose to extend this to terahertz (THz) frequencies as well. We also propose to allow wireless power transfer (WPT) equipment under Part 15 and 18 of the Commission’s rules and propose specific exposure limits for such operations. “

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