Cell Wireless Backhaul – more picks and shovels

Cell Wireless Backhaul – more picks and shovels

In further digging around 5G picks and shovels, I stumbled into a very non-glam space: Backhaul

Here’s a pretty good snapshot https://www.lightreading.com/mobile/5g/can-5g-backhaul-itself/d/d-id/749315 from earlier in 2019.

This is part of the investigation into: NOK, ERIC, CRNT and AVNW.

I am long ERIC and CRNT (but am investigating to swap CRNT for AVNW). I get that wireless backhaul solutions are not optimal, but there’s going to so many places that will need backhaul where fiber just will not be dug – think India, SE Asia, Africa and even rural N. America.

This seems like a decent pick / shovel to own acknowledging that wireless backhaul is not going to be get rick quick scheme. The other side of this play would be CCI w/ their small towers and miles of fiber.

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