Retirement: third time charm!

I am retiring again. The third time charm.

In 2016 I retired from my corporate gig of ~20 years. Timing was good from all sides, but I was not ready to stop everything. My outsourced brain was mostly returned to my own thoughts … but not ready for full-time esoteric explorations. Chapter mostly closed, but the door left propped open.

The second retirement was last year from state public employee system to take advantage of my early career as a public k12 school teacher. This was just an annuity or financial decision. I had long given up classroom stress for software and systems development stress. Chapter closed.

This third retirement is from consulting. I was doing 1 consulting gig per year in social justice / social change industries – 1 non-profit and 2 public colleges. As of February 1, I am fully retired. The final chapter closed.

I needed those three years of off-on consulting work to completely unwind from the corporate gig, and purge my brain of all the ideas and learning accumulated. I realized that the corporate gig (lucky me i think) taught me a tremendous amount and sharing some of that before forgetting made sense. — done that! Chapter closed.

… my brain is no longer outsourced – 100% mine!

From here on out, my brain is free to travel within the bounds and constraints my lack of imagination self-impose – no others. This should translate to more posts here and dabbling in areas recently ignored. Caution noted.

For my retirement, third time is a charm … I am now ready for what’s around the bend …

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