WAPO: Bumblebees are vanishing, and scientists blame climate change


“Bumblebee populations in North America and Europe have plummeted amid rising temperatures and heat extremes, according to new research. A study in Science finds a 46 percent decline in areas inhabited by bees in North America and a 17 percent decline in Europe, a pattern it asserts is linked to increasingly severe heat and other climate extremes.
Bumblebees are key pollinators, but their large bodies and preference for cooler climates make them vulnerable to extreme heat.”


This quote is from 2000 NYT and I am not sure we’ve made too many forward steps (if any); quote:

“In trying to illuminate what humans are doing to the natural environment, scientists and conservationists over the years have come up with a number of descriptive images. One of the best known is the metaphor of the rivets. In this formulation, an ecosystem is likened to an airplane: each act of environmental destruction — the extinction of a species of plant or animal, for instance — is akin to removing a rivet from the plane. At first, the losses make little difference, because there are lots of rivets. But if enough are removed or a few are taken away at crucial spots, the plane will crash.”


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