Jobs & automation in near future

In reading a post about Janet Yellin’s recent interview, I ended up here – my most valued take-away from the post.

Here’s the reference section, quote: “Yellen referenced a McKinsey report on automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the future of work that estimates about half of current jobs could be automated by new technologies. What happens to the people who are displaced? Many are likely to end up in low productivity jobs. And that, Yellen said, is “a scary prospect.”

Agree or disagree on the specifics or the particulars of skill sets or geography, the magnitude of the changes are probably not too far off … a tremendous inflection point.

Again, regardless of how accurate you believe these numbers and supporting details are, a dialogue is over due on contingency, mitigation and transition plans … a transition of this magnitude (people) takes time, and technology is consistently proving to transition faster! The only national level politician that spoke this narrative was Andrew Yang – I hope he re-enters the discussion soon!

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